Why Should You Hire Me As Your VA

1. I know fit for the Job!

A VA needs to be self-disciplined and knows how to respect the client’s time. Being VA is not just helping the client itself but the progress of the whole company. I will give my full assurance that I will be part of that success. I am confident that I will give my entire best on this role to provide you results beyond satisfaction.

2. I “want it”!

I am very excited for this job because I know I can share some of my best practices and skills. I want to be in a stable company with a stable client that I could be with for the many years to come. Most of the time I’d ask questions if I find things hard to understand but I am a fast learner and resourceful so I know I will overcome every single hurdle that might come along the way.

3. I have the capacity to do it!

Due to my extensive knowledge in handling clients as well as working with different roles for the past 9 years, I can definitely say that I have the capacity to do this job very well. I also bear with me the capacity to multi-task since I also send reports and emails to clients back on my previous companies.

4. Attitude and Ambition

Time management is the key to become successful in working at home, a VA must know how to balance work and personal life and I know I have that ability. I will make sure to provide the best of my service not just to my client but to the company as well to reach success. I am here not just to work for you but to work with you and we are partners in accelerating the growth of your business.

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”

-Farrah Gray

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